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Kingdom of Corrupts New Game Mode: Stronghold.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Beside boss wars and impressive story telling based adventure /puzzle elements, we decided to add a new game mode:Stronghold.

The mod includes resource management and we play the role of a king atop their horse and purchases the soldiers/farmers /construction workers to build and develop our fortress to protect from the bandits looking to steal your banner.

For the PC and XBOXOne version of the game we will add splitscreen. And multiplayer with up to 2 players. You will need at least one controller to play with 2 players, as one can then use the keyboard to play. If you too would prefer using a controller, then use two controllers and change the controll scheme for the first player. You can use either a Logitech USB gaming controller, or you could plug in an XBOX360 / XBOXOne / PS4 controller into your device and play with them.

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