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Development Status Update : Kingdom of Areidon: The Light and Shadows

Hey everyone, as we are reaching the last few months of the year and we wanted to give you an update on the game's current status. 2021 was the year that we finally integrate some prominent parts which will give impressions how game will flow. Concerning the release date, it is still TBD but we expect to finish big work on 2022.

We've also begun to work on the concept arts for our characters and scenes.

We are working hard to create an environment where orc and human arts are compatible with background. This is hard process for us because we are still looking for ideas for scenes since game passes in fictional world. As we continue to finalize and polish things we'll have more to share with you over the next few updates. Next update you can look forward to seeing some combat functionality and how gameplay works during the combats.

For now we hired a pixel artist to help us to handle character variations. On the art side we've continued to make good progress with our new animator from Brazil producing some awesome work with our character animations. Here's a look at a sneak peak where our concept art character "Thyra" found life in game:)

Thanks for reading and for your continued support! I know there are still many things to be shared with you and it has been long time to announce some things about our cool project but we are focused and busy with game and did not want to share unfinished things about Kingdom of Areidon. In future if we have enough contents about our game we will open our steam page and you can add it to your wishlist:) Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!


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