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(Very) Early Access

          Mayhem Fortress is Top Down Wave Defense game set in sci-fi world where humanity dominated by AI controlled war machines. You play as mech robot controlled by one of the survivor from doomsday war. Humans they escaped to their space crew and survival of your energy core is threatened, you decided to take everything back from this catastrophic collapse.
You are alone in this mayhem. Can you survive?

          Add functional and decorative parts to the exterior of your vehicle, you can change your mech upper or down body elements or you can make some modifications for your guns e.g. mini gun which capable of piercing enemy armor or rocket launcher, laser rifle or flame thrower...

         You can enter your hangar in Main Menu and press the corresponding button to enter the Customization menu. You’ll see three tabs at the top of your screen: Unit, Pilot Skill, Coloring.
You can click on any tab to get started!
The Unit tab is the place where you go to purchase new modules that you’ve unlocked with XP from battle, or to purchase new Equipment, Consumables, or Guns to load onto your mech. Basically in game you will be earning XP to upgrade your mech with modules and you can also see your progress like how much XP you need to unlock the next one. It’s where you follow your vehicle’s linear vehicle progression and you set your goal to reach best combination desired in battlefield.

         Pilots can be fine-tuned to match the playstyle that you desire and bring additional power to the battlefield. We have made a gameplay also focuses on some recommended Skill builds for your Pilot. Your mech pilot can have up to four powerful Skills equipped such as sentry turret or faster move or dropping mine etc. Putting the right Skill on your slot will be a huge key to victory.
Coloring tab is the place where customize your mech with new paint job, a decorative Emblem, a meaningful Inscription, or a Flag that will put your pride on display. You can purchase and apply all of those cosmetic enhancements here.

















          Ground missions are generated in a random location on the planet, you can play as Cobra Rebel member to clear the planet from bıological creatures such as giant spiders or scarabs and other insect-like organisms... At the same time keep in mind that the planet has been taken over by enemy mechs.

  • Unlimited Waves.

  • Boss Fights.

  • Lots of possible combinations of mechs and weapons.

  • Different skills and level system.

  • Overhauled combat.

          Since we are getting everything ready as soon as possible to catch up early access requirements we are really hard working and focusing first stage of the early access roadmap. For all our promising to be happen we will do our best to make our community happy:) Here you can see below our Roadmap for Mayhem Fortress...

Thanks for your interest and supports!!

-Massoft Games

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